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Voted for by local businesses in October 2018, the One Maidstone Business Improvement District is funded by town centre traders, to serve town centre traders. We carry out services such as Ambassador patrols seven days a week, and a radio security network, as well as live monitoring the town centre’s CCTV cameras, stepping in to prevent it becoming a record-only unmanned system. We have provided the Christmas lights installation and switch on since 2019, and undertake regular deep cleans, above those which fall to the standard duties of Maidstone Borough Council. We promote businesses with a variety of marketing campaigns, and produce a quarterly town centre magazine, in print and online at www.onemaidstone.com/magazine

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One Maidstone Secret Switch On, first showing November 19th, 7.30pm

Watch on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nGrkMDgaB5g

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One Maidstone offers marketing support for town centre traders, and produces a seasonal magazine.

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One Maidstone monitors CCTV and operates a system of town centre radios.

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We drive and promote tourism, by sponsoring events such as the Fringe Festival and Elmer’s Big Heart of Kent Parade.

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One Maidstone’s Ambassadors patrol the town centre to deal with issues such as shoplfiting and anti-social behaviour.

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One Maidstone rolled out Emergency Trauma Packs in the town centre, the first scheme of its kind in Kent.

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One Maidstone carries out street scene improvements, such as placing decorative hoardings on empty units.

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In 2019, One Maidstone took over the provision of town centre Christmas lights, and switch on event.

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The BID carries out yearly Remembrance campaigns, such as the large scale artwork on the Mall.

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Targeted deep cleans removing chewing gum and graffiti, as well as power washing and painting.

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