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A member of the National Association of Business Crime Partnerships, we work in partnership with the police, local authorities and local traders to help make Maidstone a safer place to visit, work and live.

Our Maidstone Retail Exclusion Notice Scheme gives a clear message to offenders that crime is not tolerated in the town.

Join Us – MaidSafe Membership Service, Support and Benefits

  • A radio, with full support, which enables members to be in direct contact with the CCTV operators and each other, allowing members to alert each other of incidents and crime, providing support for staff and the exchange of information and intelligence.
  • Access to a member only website which gives details of incidents and images of active offenders and suspects operating across Maidstone and, where justified, Kent.
  • Assistance in submitting incident records, which allows for warning letters and exclusion notices to be issued to individuals, banning them from member premises for a specified period.
  • List of excluded persons with images
  • Support of the Intelligence Manager, member meetings and training


Safer Socialising Award
As holders of the Safer Business Award Accreditation, MaidSafe manage the Safer Socialising Award. A certificate is awarded to successful premises us following an inspection process involving the partnership, police, local authority licensing and the fire service. The award ensures that high standards of management are maintained.

Urban Blue Bus
We are proud to support the Maidstone Community Bus Urban Blue, a local charity that works in partnership with the Primary Care Trust, Maidstone Police and Maidstone Borough Council.

It is used every Saturday night in the town centre providing a valuable resource for medical problems and the general welfare of people socialising in the town.

Maidstone Street Pastors
Street Pastors work closely alongside the police, paramedics and the Urban Blue Bus. They provide emotional, spiritual and practical support to those in need.

For further information please call 01622 758938 or email or visit the member’s website