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One Maidstone encourages town centre to equip, train and prepare with medical kits

The One Maidstone Business Improvement District is offering town centre traders the opportunity to equip themselves for accident and injury through its Emergency Trauma Pack scheme.

Designed to be used by first responders to a critical situation or medical incident, the ETPs contain equipment that would prove vital in a medical emergency, such as dressings and bandages, stretcher, resus shield, thermal blankets and haemorrhage kits. A smaller bleed control version is also available.

BID Manager Ilsa Butler said of the initiative, ‘Whilst we hope that the need to use this kind of equipment never arises, it’s important that venues and businesses within the town centre are prepared for emergency situations. Our aim is to have these kits at a number of easily accessible points, so that those looking to help in a medical emergency know exactly where to go and what is available to them, and that staff within these ETP sites are fully trained to carry out First Aid using the contents of the pack.’

This free training will be provided to staff based at sites taking Emergency Trauma Packs, held at regular intervals at the One Maidstone offices or on-site at ETP locations. The workshops will provide trainees with a targeted level of medical capability to deal with traumatic incidents during the first vital minutes after an event.

One Maidstone is working closely with Kent Police to roll out the packs, the first wave of which have been delivered to participating venues in October. Ch Insp Nick Sparkes, of Kent Police, said: ‘The Emergency Trauma Packs (ETP) are a brilliant initiative that will really help our Officers, partners and members of the public to save lives. Put simply, the equipment contained within these packs will keep people alive.

Having access to a greater supply of simple lifesaving equipment than in the “traditional” basic first aid kit will allow trained personnel to deal with victims of major trauma, whether that is as a result of knife crime, terrorist attack, road traffic collision or another type of major accident or incident.

Our marked police vehicles carry the same emergency trauma kits now as the public kits – true partnership and consistency.

Kent Police supports anything that might help lives to be saved and we are fully behind their more widespread introduction.’

The first sites to take part include The Brenchley, McDonalds Week Street and McDonalds Broadway, Fremlin Walk, The Mall shopping centre.


Emergency Trauma Packs, and mini packs, are available to purchase via the One Maidstone Business Improvement District. Full Emergency Trauma Packs are priced at £500. The smaller version is charged at £80.

For more information, visit, or contact BID Manager Ilsa Butler: